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Spring Select FAQs for Parents

What is the Spring Select season and what is the process for selection?

For each division, there will be a select number of teams allowed to compete.  The Board of Directors will vote on the quantity of teams in each division as well as the coach(es).  The coaches are responsible for creating their own team.

Who is eligible to participate in this season?

Any player who is currently registered in AYSO for the current MY (Membership Year).

How long is the season?

Just like the Fall (regular) season, the Spring Select season is (10) weeks long.  For example, the 2017 season was from 3/11 to 5/20.
Practices for Spring teams can begin on February 6, 2018.

How much does it cost?

Residents of Cypress $100, Non-residents of Cypress $120. (Fees reflect the Spring 2018 season price)

Spring Select FAQ's for Coaches

What are the rules for recruiting players?

Ask the current Fall coach if they are planning on taking their team or some of their players for the Spring season.

I’ve created my team.  Now what?

You’ll need to have your three certified referees, a team parent, and field volunteers.

Are uniforms provided as part of the registration fee?

No.  To keep the registration fee as low as possible the teams are responsible for their uniforms.  However, uniforms will be ordered through the region to help provide a discounted rate for the teams.  Please contact your Division Director for more information.

My team is registered.  Now what?

You’ll work with your Division Director to schedule your practices.  Your Division Director will also inform you when your game schedule is ready.  You’ll also need your roster to be signed-off by the Regional Commissioner.

Must we have ID cards for the Select season?

Yes.  All coaches and players, except the 8U division, must have an ID card at all games.

Who’s responsible for the referees?

The region is looking into providing NOCRA referees for the Spring Select season for the competitive games.  All teams still must provide referees to cover Assistant Referee duties and some Center Referee duties for the non-competitive games.

Who’s responsible for Field Duty?

Just as the Fall (regular) season, your team will be responsible for field setup if you are scheduled for the first game of the day on your assigned field.  You’ll need two representatives to meet at the Lexington Lock-up area on the Friday before your game at 5pm.  They’ll be chalking the field lines and setting up the goals and nets.  On game day, they’ll also need to setup the flags before the game. 

Field takedown will be the responsibility of the team with the last game of the day on your assigned field.  They’ll be responsible for putting away the goals, nets, and flags.  

What else do I need to know?

It’s likely that the league, Area 11E, will call a mandatory meeting.  Last year, the agenda comprised of the conduct of players/coaches/parents, PSC and Extra program, new rules, Referee Responsibility and safety items.

Once you have your game schedule, you’ll need to download the Line-up Card form template from the website.  They will need to be printed out on cardstock paper.

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