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Become a Team Parent

The AYSO Team Parent is a pivotal part of every team. They are the coach's assistant, cheerleader and traffic director all in one. These are things you will already be doing if your child is on the team, so take it one more step and help the entire team operate more smoothly! 

Every coach needs help arranging snacks and water for games, making calls when rain or snow makes practice impractical, and keeping an energetic team in line on the sidelines. You're making a difference for a whole team - a team that includes your child. It's a great way to make your child's team a family experience! 

Another important role a Team Parent can play is the unofficial Kids Zone representative at every game. Kids Zone is one of the ways AYSO makes sure all its players and volunteers are having fun. The program encourages spectators to use good language, show good sportsmanship in attitude and behavior, and create an enjoyable day for every player. The Kids Zone button, parent pledge form and sign, remind those on the sidelines to act appropriately, and a Team Parent can wear and share these important tools with everybody watching the game. 

Please step up at the beginning of the season and offer the coach your help as Team Parent!

Required Forms for Volunteers

Volunteer Form - Must be completed before Safe Haven and CDC Training

     1.  Log into the account using the same log in information used during the registration of your child(ren).
     2.  On the left hand side, click on the volunteer option.
     3.  Complete a volunteer form for the position you are volunteering for (assistant coach, team parent, referee, etc.)
     4.  Make sure to e-sign and submit the form.

Save Haven and Concussion Training (CDC)

How To Log In to AYSO-U:
     1.  Log into the account using the same log in information used during the registration of your child(ren).
     2.  Under the Resources tab, click on the first option - AYSO-U.  This will direct you to the AYSO-U log in page.
     3.  If not automatically logged in, log into AYSO-U using the same log in you used in (aka Blue Sombrero).
     4.  Once in AYSO-U, go to My Courses (tab along the top of the page).
     5.  Click on the open button and complete your required training.

Team Parent Checklist

Team Parent Responsibilities 

  • Complete the AYSO Volunteer form (completed annually) and submit to the Division Director (if new, prepare to show photo id)

  • Safe Haven complete (one time class, check on eayso for your completed certifications)

  • CDC concussion training (one time class, check on eayso for your completed certifications)

  • Get a copy of the first page of each child’s registration form.  Have one person listed as a guardian to sign their name, in RED ink, at the bottom of their child’s form.  The team’s forms will need to be at every practice, game, and team event in case of emergencies.  The coach should have an identical set with them at all times as well.

  • Attend all team parent meetings.  Check AYSO 154 Calendar for more information.

  • Manage your Team's Website on the ayso154 website.

  • Optional – purchase or make a team banner or flag, make a goal can to help raise funds for the end of the year team party, create an after game snack schedule, make sure the website team roster is completed, coordinate the end of the season party, create a phone tree, etc.

  • Help complete the team volunteer form.

Team Central Page Instructions/Information

Only registered users who are logged into our website can see the team pages. Outside users (e.g., grandparents, neighbors, etc.) can still see the practice and game schedules and all other public content within

The team name that your Division Director assigns in Blue Sombrero is the name on the broadcast emails sent out (e.g., roster published, calendar event created, etc.) in the subject line of the email. If you would like the team name changed, please contact your Division Director.

The Roster is limited to displaying First and Last names only, and the default is only first names (but can be changed to include last name by your Division Director). The coaches/team parents have additional visibility to generate a more detailed roster by clicking Print Roster within the Roster page.

The link next to the Print Roster is Print Team Line Up. Although conceptually this is a cool idea, we're unable to change the template. The team personnel needs to know that this is NOT the line-up cards they should use.

It is highly recommend that the coaches ask all their parents to download the Blue Sombrero app (aka, Dick's TSHQ app)

The Team Calendar is ONLY for team events. The regional calendar is independent of this calendar. The team calendar is used for events such as Team Meetings, pizza parties, etc. Please remind your team members to check BOTH calendars.

Only the Home team has the ability to update game scores. They're hoping that by the Spring they'll allow the Visitors the option to do this as well.

The Discussions page is like a message board. Every message/reply is automatically sent to everyone on the team. Currently, there isn't a way to turn off this feature. Please refrain from negative or inappropriate discussions.

Lineup Card

Lineup cards are to be completed by the coach or the team parent.  Please discuss this with the coach.

All teams are required to complete a Lineup Card for their team for every game.  Lineup cards should be printed on cardstock.  Make sure to include the following information on the lineup card: all players list by numerical order, the region, age group, team number and game date, your team name and opponent name, your entire roster (ordered by jersey number).

The Lineup card are to be given to the center referee prior to the start of each game.

Signing up For a Volunteer Role

Feedback Form

We want to provide you and your family with the best possible soccer experience possible, so we are collecting feedback on how we (board of directors) are performing.  We would greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your busy day to fill out our Feedback form below.  This information is strictly confidential, and will be sent only to Jodie Thomas, Regional Coach Administrator.  You may choose to leave your contact information if you'd like.


Feedback Form

Revolving Fundraiser - Out of The Park Pizza

This year we're excited to announce our "revolving fundraiser" at Out Of The Park Pizza (Valley View/Ball).

Step 1.  Save this Digital Flyer (jpg) to your phone.

Step 2.  Everytime you, your family members, friends, or anyone orders any food or drinks from Out of The Park Pizza, and presents the digital flyer on their cell phones when ordering, Cypress AYSO 154 will recieve 20% of all revenue generated*.  

This is great for team meetings, team parties, or when you just go out for pizza.  Remember that this isn't just for our members.  Anyone can use this flyer at anytime from now until July 31, 2018.

*applies to regular priced food and soft drinks

Field Duty

First Game of the day
Home Team – (if only team from Cypress, than your team is responsible for all of it.)

Friday Night (5:30-7 pm) - Paints the field 
Saturday Morning – Places corner flags

Away Team
Friday Night (5:30-7 pm) - Moves goal posts into position and puts on nets

Last Game of the day (Clean up trash from on or around your field)
Home Team – (if only team from Cypress, than your team is responsible for all of it.)
After game – Move one goal post back near lock up box and returns all nets and corner flags.

Away Team – After game – Move one goal post back near lock up box


Parents need to stay on their team’s side line between the top of each penalty box.

Home team sits on the west or north side of the field. Visitors will sit on the opposite side. 

Parents 'coaching' all the way down the lines, behind the goals and/or on the player's side of the field is not allowed.

Coaches need to stay within the perimeters of the center circle on their half of the field.  Approximately 8 yards on either side of the halfway line. 

ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards the youth referees.  Be nice to them, they are children.

No yelling at the referees!



Coaches are the primary point of contact with players and parents when it comes to working with AYSO Region 154.  When a player is injured to the point where he/she can not continue to participate and the injury is deemed severe enough to see a doctor then the coach needs to complete an AYSO Incident Report Form and send it to our Safety Director, Cindy Patino  and the Regional Commissioner, Dan Webb, within 24 hours of the incident. The form must be submitted within one week of the incident.
If a player misses practices and/or games due to major injury he/she will need to provide a doctor's note showing that the player is fit to play. For concussion injuries, a signed participation release form  is required. This is for the player's overall safety as well as to protect the coach's and AYSO's liability.
Soccer Insurance
AYSO offers Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) that can be used in addition to a player's existing insurance coverage. The claim must be submitted within 90 days of the injury. More information on this program can be obtained at the website -AYSO Insurance Information.

Incidents includes those events that are outside of normal behavior. Although very rare in Cypress, an incident might include threatening or violent behavior, fighting, damage to property, calls to the police, and similar situations. Such events must be reported using an incident report form.

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